My kid(s) are embarrassing me in public, because they can’t have what they want!

Is your kid acting a plump fool in the grocery store because you won’t buy him or her what they want?  Do they scream at the top of their lungs, bursting with tears while embarrassing you at the same time?  If so, this blog is for you.
Here is one simple and easy way to take back control when dealing with your little ones.  This one step can be repeated in just about every bad habit.

Make it stick

With kids everything is a process.  Imagine if someone gives you a six digit confirmation number that you have to remember.  If you have no pen, paper or phone to jot the numbers down, what do you do?  You repeat it to yourself multiple times until it’s updated into your memory bank until you’re able to get it keyed in.

At the beginning of the day before arriving to the store begin programming your child’s mind to understand they’re not getting any treats or toys.  When repeating this strategy a minimum of six times, the mind develops this complex routine which alarms your child when tempted to ask for a toy or something while shopping.  Through repetition you’ll notice over time your child will begin to respect the word “NO.”

Studies show there are three keys strategies to the memory pattern: repetition, images and patterns.  Teachers, coaches, therapists, musician, athletes all reinforce routine skills or habits to make it second nature.

At times you’ll experience self regret, but consider it a life lesson for your child.  You’re getting them acclimated for the real world.  After a few times you’ll notice lesser outrage in your child.

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B.L. Crawford


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