Balloon-head EGO!

What is ego?  Like resistance, a inhumane force of inflating confidence (delusion) we create in ourselves.  It’s separate from reality most of the time.  In fact, for most people, it’s a disguise from the full of shit life we’re currently residing in.  Ego is an unhealthy belief in our own importance.  Some people can be arrogant with a loud mouth presence.  Also, people with unbalanced ego’s think from a self-centered perspective.  They’re never the blame. Untitled design (2)

The early Christians highly cautioned their congregations not to create likeness of any images of what they think Jesus is suppose to look like in heaven or earth beneath.  God instructed Moses repeadily, chapter after chapter, to overly stress this to the Israelites.

Today.  Pick your favorite pastor, visit their church and you’re guaranteed to see images of Jesus, God, the 12 disciples etc…  It’s all fake!  How un-humbling of an artist to just decide an ethnicity, height, and body build.  Then frame it and blast it all over the world.  Believers are siked with a false sense of purpose!  That’s an egomaniac act.  Someone with a ferocious and cannibalistic lust for power and self desire.  One who cruelly manipulates the masses to achieve self edification.

Humility is the answer.  Silence is strength.  Particularly when starting a new journey.  The humble and quiet usually are doers of work.  They tend to be effective in the background.

Innovators work quietly in the corner.  They turn their inner turmoil into product.  In result, allowing the finish product to speak for itself.  The goal is to be a servant and be a giver.  Then you will receive.  Jab (give). Jab (give). Hook (ask).

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B.L. Crawford

This blog was inspired by the author Ryan Holiday from the bestseller “Ego is the Enemy.”  This book is packed with practical ways on how to manage and tame this monsterous beast within all of us, so we can focus on what really matters.  That’s bringing forth the best work possible.





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