The Unmotivated 9 to 5’er

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Graduate from high school, go to college, once you receive your almighty degree -get a nice desk job, work there for 30 years and retire.  This was the Constitution parents drilled in there kids mind growing up.

Today many of Millennials are bored, under paid and just plain old “not interested” with their current careers.  A whopping 55% of Millennials are bored at work.  Millennials lack engagement and most traditional jobs aren’t creative enough.  Sometimes sitting in a boxed cubicle can feel like a slow death, but it pays the bills.  It can seem like there’s no way out.  Here are a few “start now” strategies you can implement to increase your likability at the your current job.


Know your why!  What’s the point of working 40 to 50 hours a week and you have no idea why you even exist as an employee.  Figuring that out will surely help you map out some direction.  Your why is what builds you up and inspire you to live forward in life.  Your why is life’s mantra and you should embrace it every single day you’re on this freaking earth.  A life with no purpose is easily tossed to and from like a bloodless vessel.

Switch up your crowd

Positive vibes  bring out the best in everyone.  Make effort to distance yourself from “I hate Monday’s” type of people, they’re never satisfied with anything and are always complaining about every tiny thing.  Instead surround yourself with leaders and go-getters within your department.  These are people who will shift the culture and reshape the old traditions into a more modern environment.

Negatives colleagues can put a damper on your spirits.  They’ll discredit your ideas and goals.  Tell you to not hang around specific individuals because their not apart of the negative cult.  Here are signs you’re hanging with the wrong crowd:

  • they never see the positive side of anything
  • they don’t like change
  • their constantly gossiping
  • their always rebelling against management instructions
  • they have a lack of professionalism

Enhance your work load

Find the perfect time to sit down and talk with your manager to discuss how you can receive more work.  Explain that you want to challenge yourself and learn more avenues of the business.  This shows your boss you are committed and want more engagement.  The more you know, the more reliable you’ll become.  Each job is an experience you’re gaining to eventually take onto your next destination.

Be proactive.  In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, he explains that being proactive is our mission as human beings.  At work, being proactive means recognizing our responsibility to make things happen.  The people who end up with the good jobs are those who seize the initiative.  How do we seize the initiative at work?

  • Show up every morning ready to grind
  • Do whatever is necessary to get the job done
  • Be consistent
  • Help out others on your team


Read about your company and it’s goals and align yourself behind the mission statement.  Give it your absolute all for 8-12 hours a day.  When you understand the mission at hand, it’ll mentally equip you to conquer each day.

In Bill Belichick’s speech in super bowl XXXVI, he uttered the most famous and simplest words for his team.  “DO YOUR JOB! What’s that symbolize? Not the guy who leads the league in punting. Not the guy who’s got 15 sacks. Not the guy who’s got 1,200 yards rushing. It represents the team. That’s the toughest, smartest, most competent team”.

In order to get the best results and feel good about it, you have to buy into the mission.

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B.L. Crawford

Photo credit: freepik


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