Should couples create a vision-board?

“Our minds think in images: If someone says, a horse wearing red lipstick, you instantly create a picture  in your mind of a horse wearing red lipstick.  Feeding our minds full of images of the things and experiences that you want to manifest is key.”  Jen Sincero


It’s fair to say everyone wants the best for their relationship.  Right?  Especially if kids are involved.  Maybe this is a new chapter in your relationship or you guys are currently in a rut and need a way out to better things.

A vision board is a way to get your dreams and goals down on a poster full of desired images.  When couples set out to create their boards, it allows both parties to tap into their deepest most inner thoughts about the direction of their lives.  Together.

How does this help mentally?  Your subconscious now has a target!  Scientists proved that thinking about a goal is just as important as doing an action toward a goal. You and your partner will discuss and strategize actionable plans.  Most vision boards consist of topics like:

  • Spiritual advancement
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Romance
  • Health

Once you’ve discussed your core topics, it’s important to breakdown your goals into small chunks.  Example: You guys are planning on getting fit and want to apply a 45 minute cardio workout -five days a week.  Don’t start off full fledge, rather slowly implement steps.

  • start with 10 minutes of cardio a day for the first two weeks
  • 11 minutes the next week
  • 12 minutes the next and so on

In the book Mini Habits, Stephen Guise explains that a mini habit is basically a much smaller version of a new habit you want to form.  It gives you a chance to build up quality momentum and keep the endurance.

How to create a vision board?

  • strategize your goals
  • supplies: poster board, glue/pins, printed or cut out images, markers and scissors
  • decorate your board and be very specific
  • find space on your wall that’s very visible so you can face your goals everyday

Use this vision board as a daily Mantra!  You now have Purpose!

“When you add good habits into your life, it illuminates another possible path, restores, your confidence and gives you hope.”  Stephen Guise

B.L. Crawford

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