Resistance is an Asskicker!

Are you that person who dreams about what they want to do or be in life, but never take the first step?  Read all the How To books but never conjured up the courage to take action?  If so, this is the blog for you.
What causes us to never achieve our goals in life?  Resistance. Resistance. Resistance.


It is an unseen force that works against us every single day.  It mission is to distract & prevent us from doing our work, achieving goals and being productive.  If you desire to become a writer, start a new workout, educational program or spiritual advancement, please no -resistance will be your toughest critic.  It’s nothing personal, resistance is invisible and indiscriminate.  If you’ve quit on life, then resistance has ownership over you.  Proudly.  Here are some of it’s signature traits:

  • resistance will manipulate you
  • talk you out of excelling at everything in life
  • it has no conscience
  • it works against kids, preteens, young adults, adults, seasoned adults & the elders (everyone)
  • resistance is on call 24/7 to make your life a living hell

Start before you’re Ready

Take action, take action, take action!  If you’ve been encouraged to workout and start a new weight loss journey for yourself, don’t wait till “Monday.”  Start now!  What if I don’t have the right shoes, shorts or water bottle?  It doesn’t matter!  Workout barefoot, blue jeans with nothing to drink.

Holding out or waiting for the perfect moment is a fairy tale.  Get started ASAP!  Here is why:

  • starting is the hardest for anyone, but also the boldest
  • avoid taking to long to prepare
  • distance between starting=resistance
  • the average person has about 5 seconds to act on their idea’s or goals before resistance takes over

Killer Instinct

When a future Navy Seal enters the PST, he is undergoing the most intense physical workout of his life.  Optimum push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, running, and 500 yards swims is what you’re up against.  Not to mentioned, how many reps in a succinct time frame.  This doesn’t even surface the breaking down and building up Mental aspect.

When you’re in the midst of achieving your goal, you will hit a wall.  It is your duty to pick your self up through motivation and willpower from within.  Finishing is the critical piece of any project you’re facing.  When an author finishes their final draft, self-doubt is the king and it’ll wield you off tract from succeeding.

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B.L. Crawford

This blog is inspired by the book Do The Work by Steven Pressfield.  This book is short, sweet and to the point.  Resistance is real.  In fact, it walks beside you daily, seeking the chance to devour you.

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