10 Strategies to keep your marriage fresh

Marriage is intended to last a lifetime. Two people from two different walks of life joining together. Learning how to deal with each other years after the honeymoon. It takes a creative effort. That’s why it’s important to remain a student of your spouse. Here are 10 strategies to keep the fire lit:


New hobbies

Think outside the box.  Venture off to new things such as taking up photography or join a private book club catered to your genre.  Try not to get stuck doing the same ol boring stuff with predictable outcomes.

Workout together

Couples that train together, remain together!  Appearance is everything.  The goal is to look, at least, somewhat like you were back in the day.

Maintain intimacy

Show affection towards each other.  What does affection mean?  It’s a sense of closeness, both parties share a familiar connection and openness to show or talk about anything their feeling.  This is a basic need.  Especially for women.

Mini dates

Here is a small list of cool ideas:

  • Backyard fire (glass of wine and a nice conversation)
  • Picnic at the local park
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Create a YouTube channel and vlog
  • Attend a professional sports event
  • Try new foods

Deepen your spirituality

Couple Meditation is an incredible experience together in the present.  It allows all energy, cue’s and vibration to flourish in harmony.  Here’s a simple technique:

  1. You and your spouse sit or lie side by side
  2. Atop one of each others hand
  3. Maintain stillness
  4. Calmly breathe naturally
  5. Both of you focus on your breathing



During the holidays reach out to your local municipal volunteer program to see what grabs your interest.  Focus on the spirit of giving and being thankful.  As the year ends reflect on the positive things that took place.  Our purpose is to contribute to society in the best way possible.

Spent time apart

Give each other a Break!  Have a guys or ladies night out to chill and have fun.  Maybe take a trip to somewhere nice.  You need time away to miss each other.  It’s rejuvenating!

Attend your favorite musicians concert

Let your hair down and enjoy an awesome night dancing!  Every time Beyonce has a concert nearby I always take my wife, just to watch her live it up.  Forget about bills and work.  Live in the moment.


It’s all about positive vibes.  Create the environment that allows your spouse to enjoy you.  There are times when you two are sitting on the couch bored.  Get up, move the coffee table and perform two minutes of comedy -just to see them smile. Sounds silly or crazy, but you have that right.

Inspire each other

Be supportive with any new goals that your spouse is trying to achieve.  Even if you don’t care about them.  Celebrate the small things.  Marriage is a long and unpredictable journey, so get as many small wins as possible to keep the fire lit.

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B.L. Crawford

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