Super Dad Habits!

Fathers have a duty to uphold everyday. Let’s face it, dads are Real Heroes. Every decision made banks on the protection of his family. There’s nothing like coming home from a hard day at work, walking through the door and seeing your precious little entities running towards you with open arms.

If you are a new dad, Congratulations! Fatherhood is a daily task, even if you’re unable to be present everyday. You have the ability to raise future leaders, men, women, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. These mini habits are to live by.

Show Up

Easier said than done! Being present speaks volumes. It creates reliability in the hearts of kids. That assurance in their eyes when they see you establishes a bond that cannot be broken. It’s important for dads to make it to, if possible, all school functions and activities

  • PTA meeting
  • awards day
  • parents lunch day
  • ballet events
  • volleyball games

Anything your kid is interested in Show Up and support them 100%. They will appreciate you.

Show affection

It’s essential for fathers to hug and kiss their daughter’s. This gives her an example of how she needs to be treated when dating. She’ll inadvertently choose a boyfriend or husband with similar characteristics as you.


Tough love is a requirement these days. Boundaries have to be created and strict-ness has to be instilled. Kids mostly act out if they’re not getting the attention they need or if there’s a lack of training at home. Here are some tips to get a better handle on things

  • assign chores (if their toddlers a tiny chore is to have them pick up their toys after playtime)
  • discuss the Do’s and Dont’s
  • teach them respect for everyone (not just adults)
  • have family meetings to reiterate

For teens, you have to stay on them constantly. Teens need to hear it everyday (this will drive you crazy, but it’s effective).

Be Fun-loving

Often times adults forget that at one point they were kids too. Show some excitement about like. Smile more and don’t always be a scrooge about life. Inspire your kids, give them hope that they can conquer the world.

  • dance to the music they listen too
  • be silly around them
  • celebrate achievements
  • laugh at their jokes
  • play video games with them
  • play hiding-go-seek in the house
  • play board games
  • watch an episode of Nick Jr with the little one’s

This is a life long journey. Learn and enjoy!

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B.L. Crawford

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