Millennials: How to help my pregnant wife before the baby comes.

A new life is in pending process.  Your beautiful wife is graciously expanding.  Sleepless nights and diaper changes are just around the corner.

Men. Obviously our to do list should increased.  But what exactly does helping out mean? What should I do to help?  There is no real How To manual to help us out.  Grant it, we too have our own little anxieties.  Especially, when your partner periodically experiences Braxton Hicks contractions every 420 seconds!  You’ll be a nervous wreck.

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Honestly, this entire pregnancy process will be a time you’ll never forget.  About 90% of the work is BEING THERE!  You might get fussed at because you LOOK COMFORTABLE and she’s not, but just endure.  Here are a few tips to consider.

Listen to her

Often times when your wife is talking to you, it entails some important things she needs you to know or do.  It’s not just to be talking.  By listening she’ll tell you everything she needs, IN CODE words.  Example: If your wife says, “None of my clothes fit.”  That means it’s time to go shopping for maternity clothes.  Together.  The better you listen, the more aware you are at taking care of her basic needs during this vulnerable time.

Cook sometimes

Just her standing with an extra 30 pounds attached is quite a heavy load.  Husbands it’s your time to shine.  Get in the kitchen and whip up your favorite entree.  This is a way to take up some of the responsibilities.  It doesn’t have to be a fiver star meal, just something descent and a bit tasty.

  • communicate with her to decide your new cooking days
  • review some moderate meals that are simple and familiar
  • follow the ingredients carefully
  • then fix her plate and hand it to her


This will be a daily practice.  She’ll never turn down a gentle massage.  In fact, don’t even ask her -just start rubbing her lower back, feet, ankles etc…  Most insurance companies pay for childbirth classes up to eight weeks.  There you can learn about prenatal massage.   According to BabyCenter Medical Advisory, carrying a baby changes her center gravity and puts a lot of stress on her back, neck, abdominal muscles and shoulders.  Here are major benefits:

  • lowers stress levels
  • lowers the risk of depression
  • reduces swelling

Becoming a father for the first time will be magical.  It is the husbands job to make sure his wife is in the best condition possible to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby.  Make sure she’s taking her vitamins, exercising and following the doctors orders.

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