Married to a video gamer!

This fading stigma has been speculated and debated amongst many couples. Research clarifies that playing video games can improve just about every aspect of your life.

Psychologists and neuroscientists are now suggesting that people with Dyslexia may find playing video games significantly helpful in improving their vocabulary, reading and speech. Doctors found impressive accuracy with hand/eye coordination during laparoscopic surgery.

His overall mood

Gaming increases happiness. How?

  • Every game has obstacles to overcome, but the end result is a win, advancement level or a global ranking.
  • Gaming stimulates the brain excitingly from start to finish.
  • It sparks the imagination and creativity in decision making.

His confidence

This important component is a major belief for everyday life. When your confidence is enhanced your entire day is subject to SUCCESS! A confident man is an attractive quality in a women’s eye. It’s contagious. If this gaming habit is practiced it can active his inner power.

Faithful to spouse & kids

Ahhaa! Did this get your attention? By allowing him to get a couple games in every week and not gripping, he can potentially be more attentive to your needs as his way of returning the favor. How?

  • Gaming helps with attention span which is crucial during communication.
  • Studies have shown playing video games enhances your memory, enabling refreshed memory of previous intimate conversations.
  • Prevents infidelity due to his new happiness and outlook on life.

His health

Wow! Where do I start! Surely you’ve heard of games like Just dance, Wii fit, Biggest Loser Challenge, Zumba fitness. These are real games. Great for family fun. Here is a list of benefits:

  • improves hand/eye coordination
  • enhances multitasking skills
  • problem solving
  • improves vision
  • accelerates overall brain speed

Many Americans are bored in life. Small incentives like gaming provides a sense of hope for the everyday man or it’s an escape from reality. Guy’s, don’t overdue your privilege. Wives prioritize his game time before each work week.

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B. L. Crawford

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