Millennials: I cannot keep my house clean with kids

Perhaps you are at a breaking point.  Your home is a mess, laundry overflowing, dishes piled in the sink and the floor is practically invisible. Most of the clutter is probably the kiddos markers, crayons and paint brushes everywhere.


Do you need a solution?

NiCole R. Keith, Ph.D., research scientist from Indiana University explains that a tidy home increases your health and durability long term.  Hopefully these simple tips will help you become clitter free.

2 Day PURGE!

Most likely the bulk of your clutter is unwanted junk.   Things you’ve misplaced or forgotten it existed.  This first strategy will give you and your family a sense of inner peace.

  • Day 1- Walk through your house, decide what items absolutely aren’t needed and toss’em in the trash.
  • Day 2- Walk through your house again, decide what you possibly can do without and chunk it.

Donation is an option.


Its imperative we make our chores manageable as possible.  Maintenance is keeping your home in appropriate condition.  You shouldn’t have to be Mr. Clean everyday.  Instead just brush up the open floor, hallway, kitchen table etc…  Most of us parents have work of some sort during the week, making it impossible to scrub every inch.

What are the bad health affect of an untidy home?

  • reflection of your current status
  • stress
  • lack of control

What are the upsides of having a tidy home?

  • mentally refreshed
  • positive energy
  • feel organize

Our House app

Great family organizer.  Very simple to use.  This app can give every one in the house some responsibilities.  Yes, including the kiddos!  Here are some of the key features:

  • Assign tasks to personel
  • Determine specific days for cleaning
  • Track everyone’s progress (includes a point system)

My wife, daughters, sons and I all are having great experiences with Our Home app.  Actually it’s boosted our confidence, moral and perspective on chores.

To make it fun and creative, we all have start and stop time slots.  Here’s an idea breakdown:

  • 8 minutes for rooms
  • 8 minutes folding clothes
  • 10 mins for living/dining room
  • 10 minutes bathrooms
  • 28 minutes for the kitchen
  • 45 minutes for lawn care

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B.L. Crawford


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